Friday, January 11, 2008

Kingdom of Dust

It's a city having a dust-bath.Wherever you look, depending on your proximity to a major construction site-it's a patina of dust or layers of dust that hits your sight.
A million footfalls create miniature duststorms. A river of fast-moving vehicles drown us further into dustsphere.
Boundary walls adjoining the roads have shrubs and overhanging branches shrouded in dust. It's a heart-rending sight; not a speck of green to be seen! If only the skies would open up, for a quarter of an hour or so, the city would be absolved of its bane. No matter how ephemeral, at least plants would not breathe and bleed----dust!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a thought

Hearing the raucous cawing of crows, I remembered something I had come across......

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

No Wintery Feeling

Guwahati winters may last for a short spell but they're much looked- forward- to. Unlike past years, we haven't really got the wintery f-e-e-ling. My thicker shawls and cardigans lie unused. After waiting eagerly for that N-I-P in the air, we only got some false starts that refused to kick off. At this rate there will be no noticeable change in seasons and there are things I'll surely/sorely tucking into a thick blanket on an evening-like afternoon. Especially when it's cloudy and 4 p.m. feels like 7 in the evening.....time and skyscape on frenetic fast forward.
The first cuppa in winter isn't simply tea! It works as a rejuvenator. It oils my system and dispels the laziness which seems to seep deep down into the marrow of my creaky bones! But sips of the first cup and I'm rarin' to go!
Vapour from the mouth when people speak---in the mornings!
The colour and the warmth of woollen caps. And socks!
The fog at any time of the day and night!
If winter is like this now, what will happen 15 years later?
D-r-e-a-d the thought....!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Distant River

Ever so often/my mind wanders/to a distant river/beyond the blue hills.../
As children/we traipsed/through paddy fields/farther--where the river/flowed faster/we chased fingerlings/skipped on stones/stretched out/on pebbly banks/and gazed/at blue infinity.../
Did the river fairies/predict/ my future then?/Or did they whisper/terrible secrets/that even the wind/did not know?/
Or did they bless me/with a little spray/that a sudden gust/ of breeze created.../to bear the brunt/of all my sorrows/with fortitude...

Autumn in the Hills

This poem is about Haflong-the place where I grew up.

Gossamer mist/float like whispers/over the big lake/and you wake up /to fairyland.
Where is the vibrant/blue of the hills,/the verdure of the landscape...?/Like a painting /of still life,/the town lies,/serene,surreal./Then slowly/ but surely/the smells take over./
Woodsmoke/ and roasted peanuts,/oranges and/smoked meat,/the warmth of crackling fires..../
It's autumn/in the hills/again!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Time for Bonding

Come rain or shine, New Year's eve is always so special. Since the past ten years or so, we, the usual suspects have always celebrated together. So yesterday the bonfire happened at my place...pork in skewers roasting on the fire,the music, the drinks...And the guitar! Well, David on the guitar, singing the blues and we, laughing till our sides split because the lyrics, the hilarious lines, were all about us!The weather gods were kind,the night remained young and we gorged not so much on food as on the sense of comfort that we share. The start of a new the midst of friends and family-- I am truly blessed.

I love....

  • Dew on the bamboo, yellow flowers and orange sunsets, the sound of rain...the whistle of the wind, the rush of flowing water, the smell of woodsmoke, the crackle of a wood fire,the moon in all its phases.......

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