Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vive la home made brews!

I was initiated into the art(?) of making the simplest of brews, recently. A friend said," Just put some pieces of fruit in a bottle, add some hot water, sprinkle some sugar and keep the bottle airtight. With the kind of humidity that we are subjected to, you can start quaffing in four days or so." It sounded too good to be true and since I had some bananas on the verge of their sell-by-date, I quickly did the needful. And after four days...voila, ambrosia cometh! Pale yellow, sweet, but not overly so, with the punch and kick firmly in place!
Well, I'm no stranger to home made brews. I come from a culture where making rice wine is a tradition and no social ceremony is complete without it. But that takes some time and effort but this is great, considering how easy it is.
Since then I've been scouring the net for recipes. And as I write this, in my kitchen cabinet, sits a bottle of pear liqueur-in-the-making. Choicest pears cut into pieces, vodka poured in till it reached above the level above the fruit. Steep, filter and let it mature. By November, this will be ready. Of course there'll be others in the production line--pineapple and oranges. Till then, I'm glad my glass of banana brew sits pretty, waiting for me!

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