Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Views Of My Home town

Haflong, my hometown, is blessed with natural beauty.
The above photo shows the blue hills that's so much
a part of this town. This was taken at dawn when half
the town was still asleep and everything looked so serene.

The lake that's so much a part of Haflong lore. Of fishing
and bathing, swimming and drowning; and the recurring stories
of ghosts...Back in those days, this area was truly beautiful.
The bank of the lake was a stretch of green grassy slopes and
countless trees. But now many houses stand on what was once
so green. But still the lake survives...Elsewhere, many smaller
lakes have dried up bringing to an end all the aquatic life
and the vegetation on their banks. Now there's no trace that once
this was a watery mass that teemed with fish and shrimp, crabs
and tadpoles, and children played on their sandy and shingly


NatureStop said...

What a lovely place and the shot with the reflection is amazing!!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Ruby, so good to see you here!! And thanks. For 'following' too!

Anonymous said...


Indira Thaosen said...

Hello Kanak! So happy to see your blog. Very impressed with the pictures that you put up. Indeed made my day with the beautiful pictures of Haflong! Keep up the lovely work and all the best! I am in Toronto now.

Love to you all.

Minu Maami

Kanak Hagjer said...

Indrani, glad you liked it!

Minu Maami, I'm so thrilled you stopped by! And very, very happy to read your comment. Just makes me want to post more Haflong pictures again!

Have a wonderful time in Toronto! My love to Reshma and family. And thanks once again.

Johan said...

Thanking U because U have uploaded of Natural Beauty Pictures of Our DISTrict-DIMA HASAO(N.C. HILLS).I am a lover of Nature,seeing your uploaded pictures I feel my heart is melted and think If I can do that u did but I have no time.One day I will upload bundles of natural beaty picture of our District and want to explore our district through Internet,Love U and Thank U
.Ang himsineng Kajalaka ning picture upload klaiyaba k nuhi ohde daning daning bo badamma Picture upload klai ko...Bye.. Bye


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