Saturday, July 12, 2008

Birds of a weather.....

...brood together. Silhouetted against an overcast sky,
one on a tree, and a wood pigeon on the wire, my feathered
friends seem to wonder, "Will the skies be clear by tomorrow?"

Ever since I started my blogs, I've started noticing the
different kinds of birds who come to my compound everyday.
I still do not know them by name but I'm taking a lot of
photos and I hope, through these, I'll be able to learn
much more about them. I've just learnt to identify the
calls. The bird on the tree has the sweetest and the
gentlest of chirps......

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I love....

  • Dew on the bamboo, yellow flowers and orange sunsets, the sound of rain...the whistle of the wind, the rush of flowing water, the smell of woodsmoke, the crackle of a wood fire,the moon in all its phases.......

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