Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lauki ka Raita (Bottle-gourd Raita)

Raita is made of curd and a vegetable of choice. Seasoned with
salt, sugar , chilli powder and roasted and ground cumin seeds
it is a refreshing accompaniment to a summer meal!
Here I've used grated bottle-gourd, and let it stew in its own
juice. I whipped the curd with rock-salt ( I used sweetened
curd) then added the cooked gourd. Then I created the pattern
with roasted and roughly ground cumin and chilli powder.


Elke said...

I have to look for translation of nearly everything but now I know, what you have cooked. Fenugreek is a typical spice of India, I think. Once I had an ayurvedian week (in Germany)and during this week I've learned a little bit about your spices. And everything we've cooked was delicious.
LG - Elke

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Elke, thank you so much for visiting both my blogs. And for leaving your comments.
To a European, I think it can be very confusing and the taste of every spice may not be to your liking. I do use fenugreek and coriander powder on a regular basis.
About the basil you'd commented on Terra farmer, you can try using more basil to get rid of the flies or crush a few leaves. Maybe that will work better.
Basil is considered so holy in India that many people do not even touch it without having a bath. The same way that people do not worship without cleansing themselves. Also we do not use bonemeal as a fertiliser for basil because it is considered impure.
I found out that this herb is also regarded as holy in Greece and Israel.
Thank you once I will go and admire your beautiful photos!!


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