Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first-born turns Seventeen!

Raja, my first-born turned 17 today. And as his friends
trooped in, one after the other, the thought that came to
me was, 'Time really flies!' Strapping young boys and
lovely girls on the threshold of a promising future! My
son did not want his photos to be posted so I'm posting
the flowers and the cake. A friend of mine baked this
light summery lemon cake as Raja cannot have any other kind.
To my son--a very happy birthday, and to everyone--a won-
derful life ahead. Joy, happiness, and the strength to
tackle life's sudden turns with grace and fortitude!
Happy birthday, son!


Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday Raja.How time flies-just the other day I remember them as kids-in fact I was going through some of the photos where all our children a good 6/7 years back were playing in the water during one of our numerous picnics!The cake looks lovely Kanak-I hope Raja liked it.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you, Indrani. Yes, Raja loved the cake as did everyone else! No longer a kid, that's what we feel when we go back to the old pictures...and as I went through some of my own pictures I felt that age and wisdom was staring back at me!! LOL!!


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