Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A weighty issue

Going through the recent holiday pictures for the nth
time, I came across one of myself standing on the bridge
on Ward's Lake in Shillong. There I look as pleased as
Punch on a bright and sunny day. But why do I have second
thoughts about posting it? You guessed right, it's the
Weight! In the past ten years I've gained some and shed
some but 'gained some' has remained steadier. The thought
about losing weight stays somewhere in the back of my
mind and the actual attempt at exercising is yet to take
off. Anyway, I thought my ailment must've got rid of a
kilo at least. Since my boys were home and glued to their
game as if their life depended on it, I asked their opinion.
Quipped the elder one, 'No appetite for just a few days isn't
going to make any difference. A month, yes, that'll bring some
Why did I have to ask?

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